Electromagnetic Radiation Class

What it is, health effects, & how to protect yourself & your kids


Cell and cordless phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, smart meters, microwaves, and electrical wiring all radiate invisible fields. They make our lives more convenient, but does it come at a cost to our health? A large body of peer reviewed scientific studies are showing links with learning difficulties, sleep issues, decreased male fertility, DNA damage, cancer, and neurological disorders. We will discuss these potential health effects, including the higher risk to children, identify the common sources of exposure, and provide simple and inexpensive steps you can take to protect yourself and your family by using modern technology more safely.

Along the way we will touch briefly on some interesting properties and functions of the human body - the blood brain barrier, DNA, the many functions of melatonin, ion channels, bone generation, circadian rhythms, biogenic magnetite, etc.  We will also briefly discuss some points of interest regarding wildlife, including migratory birds, Monarch butterflies, and honeybees. And we will introduce the concept of the precautionary principle used in public health.


There will be time for Q&A and also opportunities to see meters measuring radiation from a few common objects and to hear the waves when converted into sound.




Kim Eabry, MPH – Environmental Health Educator – CreatingHealthyEnvironments.com




 Depot Park Freight Building

 119 Center Street

 Santa Cruz, CA 95060



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Two Class Times to Choose

Tuesday February 21, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Saturday March 25, 1pm – 3pm


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