© 2017 by Kim Eabry - all rights reserved

© 2017 by Kim Eabry - all rights reserved


I am available to consult via phone, Skype, email, and in person (in and around Santa Cruz, California) to help you create a healthy environment for yourself and your family.  I welcome the opportunity to answer questions that address your specific situation; to co-create a plan that fits your lifestyle; and to provide the tools and inspiration you need to implement it.  


I am happy to work with anyone motivated to create a healthy environment for themselves, their family, business, or community.  Those who may particularly benefit include pregnant women and children, people healing from cancer, families with kids on the autism spectrum (ASD), and individuals with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)

I offer a free ten minute introductory consultation.  I charge $100 per hour with a half hour minimum. 


To get started, send me an email through my Contact page or to keabry (at) cruzio.com.  Let me know briefly what you'd like to talk about, what method of communication you prefer for the consultation, and some times when you are available.  You can generally expect a response within 12-24 hours, and the appointment time can be within a few days of your request.

To make the most of our time together, I recommend you come with a list of specific questions, and be prepared to share some background on your current environment and any health concerns you may have.