Electromagnetic Fields -

Home Evaluation

While there are many simple and inexpensive ways to reduce your EMF exposure without any special equipment (see my Tips for the Safer Use of Technology), some sources of exposure can only be determined by taking measurements with specialized meters.  These sources include wiring errors resulting in high magnetic fields; “dirty electricity” (high frequency harmonics on house wiring); radiation leakage from a microwave oven; and radio-frequency levels from neighbors WiFi or smart meters, or nearby cell antennas.  


Meters can also help determine which circuits should be shut off at night to reduce electric fields and protect melatonin (see Creating a Sleep Sanctuary), as wiring in other areas of the house often affects fields in the bedroom.   


You can buy the meters, educate yourself, and perform your own evaluation (see for example https://www.emfanalysis.com/emf-meters/), or hire an experienced EMF consultant / building biologist who will use their own tools and knowledge to find and fix problems.


Contact me if you'd like help finding an EMF consultant in your area.

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