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Kids on the Autism Spectrum (ASD)

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Current research and clinical experience suggests that rather than being a primarily fixed “trait”, autism may instead be a changeable “state” affected by many variables, including genetics, current health status, diet, stress, toxic body burden, and environmental exposures (Herbert and Sage, 2013).  


This new view is empowering because it presents the possibility of improving symptoms by making positive changes in the environment.  This includes decreasing exposure to, and supporting the body to detoxify from, stored neurotoxins such as heavy metals, PCBs, flame retardants, chemical fragrances, MSG, and pesticides.  Neurotoxic pesticides, for example (residues of which are found in conventionally grown produce) have been linked to autism and ADHD (Schafer and Marquez, 2012).  It can also be helpful to eliminate potential allergens in food which cause an inflammatory response in the body.  


Another promising factor is reducing exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).   Herbert and Sage (2013) describe the many parallels between the known health effects of EMFs and the underlying biology of autism spectrum disorder, such as sleep difficulties, immune system disruption and inflammation, oxidative stress, genetic alterations, disruption of calcium ion channels, and seizures.  In fact, clinical experience suggests that reducing EMFs in a child's environment may improve sleep and behavioral issues associated with austism (Jelter, 2015).


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